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One Piece Cannulas

One Piece Cannulas, (cannula is permanently attached to handle)

One Piece Cannulas are made to your specifications. To order we need length, diameter, and tip style.  Shown are the most popular tip styles.  If you would like a different style just call us.  

No returns on custom cannulas.

2021 Price List

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Ribbed aluminum handle, anodized blue or black.  1" diameter

Knurled blue aluminum handle

Large handle 1" diameter, Small handle 3/4"



Toledo Single Port

Standard 3 Port


Keel Cobra

3 Port, 60 Degree

Liposuction Cannula Handles and Hubs

Aluminum Toomey Hub

Toomey Aspiration Cannula Set

Delrin handle designed for use with conventional Toomey hub.  (Handle and cannula sold separately)

Quick Screw Hub Cannula Set

Delrin handle with quick screw hub.  Cannula hub available in 2 sizes, 7/8" and 5/8",  (Handle and cannula sold separately)

Standard Aspiration Handle

Anodized aluminum handle with stainless steel male luer lock.  Large handle 1", small handle 3/4"

Aspiration Handle with adjustable luer lock.

Ideal for rotating and locking desired cannula position to the thumb rest.  Large handle 1", small handle 3/4"

Stainless Steel  Toomey Hub

Luer Lock Hub, 3/8" diameter

Injection Cannula

The most popular Injection Cannula is the Style 2.  If you would like a different style just call us. We have all styles and sizes.  

​Injection Style 1

​Injection Style 2

​Injection Style 3

​V Dissector


Pass Through

Infiltration Handles and Needles

The Infiltration handles are available in 2 sizes, small and large.  Please specify.   They are available with or without control.   Infiltration Needles are available in any size.  

Infiltration Handles with on/off control, knurled handle, stainless steel valve, male and female luer lock.  Large handle 1", Small 3/4"

Infiltration Handles with on/off control ribbed handle,Stainless steel valve, male and female luer lock.   Large handle 15/16", Small 3/4"

Standard infusion handle, no control, stainless steel male and female luer lock.  Large handle 1", Small 3/4"

Infiltration Handles with swivel luer nut.  Use to position cannula port to handle thumb rest.  Lock position by tightening swivel nut.  Large handle 1", small 3/4"

​GAN, Garden Spray Anesthesia Needle

6 Hole Anesthesia Needle

Infiltration Handle with stop cock control.  Brass valve with nickel plating,  Male and female luer lock, stainless steel, diameter 3/4"

​BAN, Body Anesthesia Needle

8 Hole Anesthesia Needle

Additional Items

Cannula Brush,  2, 3, 4, 5 6, 8 and 10 mm

Syringe Caddy, several sizes available

Luer to Luer Adapter

Female Luer Lock Cap

Stainless Steel

Female Luer Lock Cap


Toomey to Toomey Adapter

Stainless Steel

Toomey Cap

Delrin, Autoclaveable

Toomey to Luer Adapter

Stainless Steel 

Toomey to Needle Adapter

Stainless Steel 

Toomey to Luer Adapter


Toomey to Needle Adapter


 Injection Gun, Several Sizes Available

Snapper Lock, Stainless Steel Spring, Aluminum Body

Available 10, 20, 30 BD and 10, 35, 60 Monoject

Horseshoe Lock,  Aluminum

Available 10, 20, 30 BD and 35, 60 Monoject

Needle Connector

Stainless Steel

Infusion On/Off Control Head

Stainless Steel

Syringe Barb Adapter

Stainless Steel

IV Spike Connector

Stainless Steel

Awl, Stainless steel with Aluminum Handle

2, 3 or 4 mm

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