The Jordy, The Easy Alternative for Small Volume Harvesting

One of the big problems with small volume fat harvesting is everyone tends to make it more complicated than it is.  The Jordy is a simple, effective system that renders consistent results every time and is easy, easy, easy to use.  With our patented Jordy connection, built  to work with the Monoject 60cc Toomey syringe.  The fat is gently harvested and transferred.  We know you will be pleasantly surprised how smooth and easy the harvesting and transfer process is with our Jordy system.

The basic Jordy kit contains a Jordy, 3mm x 15cm Mercedes cannula, Jordy Snap Lock Clip, Jordy Toomey to Luer adapter which also doubles as a syringe cap for $35.00.  Toomey syringes are sold separately.  Sold single use, nonsterile.

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